Excellence is not an act, but a habit


Santa’s not the only one who ate too many cookies this holiday season

Essentially this was my mantra from November-December. And the scale reflects said mantra. #Yikes. In an effort to get my act together, I stocked up on fruits, vegetables, and other healthy items at the grocery store to get back on track. One of my favorite websites for healthy, easy and DELICIOUS recipes is Skinnytaste. We made this last night:

Loaded baked sweet potatoes- easy and very satisfying. I subbed low-fat sour cream for greek yogurt because I think the 10-20 calorie difference isn’t worth it.  These took about 30 minutes start to finish to make- a great week night dinner. Enjoy! 

  1. stickyhide said: Oooof yes, same here. Good thing I got shoes and sweaters for Christmas because nothing else fits right now.
  2. newlywedbalance said: I have this recipe bookmarked, I’ll for sure try it next week. I’m obsessed with Skinny Taste!
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