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Wine & Design: A smashing success

Last night was the abstract art night at Wine & Design, and I had an absolute blast meeting so many fabulous young women who call Raleigh home. The venue and employees were so accommodating to our group and they blasted some pretty sweet tunes while we painted away at our little stations. Walking around, I saw some seriously talented girls whipping out some ridiculously good paintings! I was out of my league to say the least, but with every glass of sparkling wine I had, my canvas looked better and better. I completely threw out my strategy as soon as I put a paintbrush in my hand…but I was having too much fun listening to Beyonce with a bunch of fun people to care. Thanks so much for coming out last night y’all! I hope we can do something together again soon. 

My piece- Instagram is making it look better than it really is. Typical.

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