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New PJs

Thanks to my girl PWPF I scored this super cute PJs from Target for $20. They are super soft, flattering and comfortable. Very JCREW-ish. Get you some here

Save the Date: Teil Duncan pop-up shop with Furbish Studio

I know everyone gets all twitchy and excited when there is a Sally King Benedict pop-up shop (myself included)…but there’s another very talented Charleston artist that you need to know about now: Teil Duncan

Happy. Pastel. Beach Scenes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Lucky for you and me, Furbish Studio is hosting a pop-up shop with a select few Teil pieces for sale, starting at less than $100! The sale starts at 10 a.m. EST this Thursday, March 13.  I will definitely be scooping up a piece or two for our new house and hope you do too! (except not the ones I have my eye on.) 

Spring Workout Mix

Enjoy people. May your workouts be sweaty and filled with the sweet sweet sounds of Rick Ross and Ellie Goulding on auto-tune. 

Breaking news: The Internet helps you make decisions.

Thanks for talking me through that guys. Painters are coming early next week to paint Beachcomber all over dem walls. Pictures to follow. 

Paint help…

I need your help people! I am seriously struggling (I know, life is so hard for me…) about whether or not to follow through with a certain paint color for our front living room. I saw this paint color in my favorite home store of all time, Paysage in Wilmington. They have it on their walls, and I absolutely loved the color against all of the white linen/wood/gold they had on their show floor. Here are a few photos:

Pretty right? It’s called Beachcomber by Benjamin Moore. I had the painters scheduled to come today to paint our front room the same color but woke up in a panic last night thinking it may be too dark. I don’t have any photos of our room, but suffice it to say there are a lot of white linen pieces, a seagrass rug, gold/white linen shade lamps, gold mirror and cream bookcase. Lots of morning light, but then it gets pretty dim in there as the sun moves to the back of the house. I’m just scared of the color commitment. Should I test other colors or just go with it? Help…

When I try to be normal at a work event


100 percent nailed it.

Outdoor furniture help

With the East coast buried in snow again, it is hard to think of a time when short sleeves and sunshine will be the norm (oh wait, that was Sunday in NC.) We have a great little brick patio at our new house and I want to take full advantage of an outdoor space when the weather improves. But I’m not about to drop $800 for an outdoor sofa. Where have you all found good outdoor furniture? I want comfy seating, a table and umbrella. Ikea has some good options but I’d love to hear where you’ve been lucky! 

Message me here or at excellenceasahabit@gmail.com. Thanks in advance for your help! 

You’ve been there.

I don’t know how my sister unearths treasures like these gifs on the Internet like a modern day gold prospector, but I’m just glad she does. 



*puts on blow by beyonce*




"make sure you clean that, it’s the only way to get the….



My girl Jeni (zumba instructor) has been incorporating a slow jam to Drunk in Love at the end of classes that includes gyrating on the floor, body rolls, and hair whipping. With this choreo down, I’m one step, a pair of stilettos, and a bodysuit away from starting my true life as a Bey-ckground dancer.

Office Politics: A Skill Women Should Lean Into

Great read today from the Harvard Business Review. To all my fellow #bossbitches out there, give this a glance. 

Items I have bought and liked: Trader Joe’s edition

Yep, I’m talking about frozen food today. Don’t judge. 

Holy hell these are good. Super flavorful, a little bit spicy, and very satisfying. I actually put mine over some sauteed veggies with some avocado last night for dinner. Total time to cook was about four minutes. 

Included in the veggies was about a half of a cup of Trader Joe’s roasted corn:

I would put this in everything- salsa, guac, fajitas, you name it. 

If you see a UHaul at your local Raleigh Trader Joe’s this spring- it’s mine. Loading up as many cases of this rose as possible. I found it last year, fell in love and then promptly saw it disappear for the rest of the summer. I make regular trips to TJ’s just to find this wine, and I am on a mission to buy as much as possible to hoard as soon as I find it. Literally definition of patio wine- delicious, very drinkable and a little bit citrusy. 

Clearly I need to get out more to get some creative content on this here blog….