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Literally stunned. Kim looks so….classy? What’s happening world?? Also, gimme that flower wall. 

Literally stunned. Kim looks so….classy? What’s happening world?? Also, gimme that flower wall. 

Things I’ve Bought & Liked: Summer Edition

I’ve taken a hiatus from house stuff to pick up a few key summer items that I’m really excited about and thought I’d share. 

When I saw this dress on Sally from a Piece of Toast blog, I flipped out. Clearly she looks AMAZING in it so it’s an easy sell, but I just assumed it was some expensive Alexander Wang dress. Nope. It’s from Athleta and SUPER COMFORTABLE. Haven’t worn mine yet (need to do about 1,000 more squats) but I’m really excited about this easy, comfy, stylish summer dress. 

This body wash from Target smells like that expensive stuff you buy from Kiehl’s for a fraction of the cost. Also comes with an accompanying body scrub. Bought em both. 

Essie’s “Urban Jungle”- creamy off-white polish that’s office appropriate and trendy at the same time. Win. Win. 

I took advantage of the 30% off sale at JCREW with my $25 gift card and picked up this bikini. I love the color- now about that tan…

How To Host A Rosé + Flower Arranging Party | theglitterguide.com

It’s like the Glitter Guide has a portal to my soul. ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS??

A press release I’ve been slaving over for a week just got thrown in my face.

Legit thrown haphazardly across an exec’s desk. “Not on target.” 

Just so you know. I’m fine. (On the real, I’m just glad I didn’t start crying. Immediately.)


Meet Harry — Lord of Midtown Raleigh, NC
[submitted by:  loafersansocks]

Yep. This happened.


Meet Harry — Lord of Midtown Raleigh, NC

[submitted by:  loafersansocks]

Yep. This happened.

Harry is here!

I never thought I could love a little thing so much! We picked up Harry on Sunday and have had the best week with him so far. I can’t believe he’s ours! (I know, I am a weirdo.)

I mean…

I took him to my favorite place in Raleigh (Furbish Studio) to meet the ladies and mingle among fine home goods. He took a liking to their Moroccan shag rug and enjoyed the numerous belly rubs. 

Frog dog!

Seriously we can’t even handle the cuteness and just gush all over him all day erryday. Cesar Milan would not be happy with us. But he’s doing a great job learning commands, walking and hasn’t had a SINGLE accident in the house! Proud mom. 

In between staring at Harry, I’ve been dreaming up some more projects for our house after I put things on hold in March. I found this beauty on Craigslist:

I immediately thought that this piece could be 1) amazing storage for our front living room and 2) a permanent bar (priorities.) Thinking about the bar, I was inspired by this:

See that tortoiseshell wallpaper from the always amazing Bailey Quinn McCarthy from Peppermint Bliss? Well, I thought I could take that idea and apply it to this new piece of mine- removing the green felt situation and replacing it with this:

You can find the paper here. After a few coats of some sealant to protect it from moisture (and making sure it will still fold up appropriately) I think we’ll be in business. Another thought I had if the paper doesn’t work is putting a different fabric instead of the green felt. Would love to get a teeny remnant of some of this fabulousness from Lee Jofa:

Stay tuned. I’m picking up the piece on Saturday morning and will post pics once it is in place and the paper is on it! 

The Beygency - Saturday Night Live



Werkin’ for the weekend

We are back from London/Paris (recap soon to come) and are packing our bags to head to Kiawah for what will certainly be a gorgeous wedding for a dear college friend. 


This blog will soon be dedicated to all things Harry corgi. Stay tuned. 


Here’s Italo-disco pioneer Cerrone’s remix of HAIM's “If I Could Change Your Mind.” 

Less than a week until HAIM comes to Raleigh/Chapel Hill! 

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